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As of July 1st Mimosa Investment Management, LLC has merged with
Parsec Financial Wealth Management. To be redirected to their website please click here.

Investment Management

Mimosa Investment Management, LLC, established in 1997 in Winston Salem, North Carolina, provides portfolio management services to clients with a minimum investment portfolio of $500,000. Our client base includes the portfolios of individuals, trusts and estates. At Mimosa, we primarily invest in individual common stocks and individual bonds (treasury, corporate, and municipal).

At the outset of each relationship, we spend time with our client, asking questions, discussing the client’s investment experience and financial circumstances, then reviewing options. Based on our review, we will develop a financial game plan for our client based on the his or her financial circumstances, goals, and risk tolerance level which includes their investment objectives and guidelines (the “Investment Plan”).

The financial review is a reflection of our client’s current financial picture and a look toward the future goals. The Investment Plan outlines the types of investments Mimosa will make on behalf of our client in order to meet those goals. The Plan is reviewed regularly with each client.

Smaller by Design

We are a small investment management firm serving fewer than 65 clients, allowing us to spend appropriate amounts of time serving each client and understanding their investment goals and objectives.

Performance Oriented

Each client has different investment goals, but we strive to make smart, long-term investments. We are aware that our client relationships are truly based upon our understanding of each investor’s objectives and our responsible management to reach those goals.  More information regarding our performance is available upon request.

Simplicity of Investments

Protecting and growing an investment portfolio isn’t an easy task, but at Mimosa , we concentrate on investing in individual stocks and individual bonds. As a client, when you work with Mimosa, you aren’t working with a retail broker. Instead, you are working directly with the advisors, simplifying the relationship and minimizing your overall costs. We meet with our clients to review their investment objectives and review portfolio performance at their convenience.

If you have any specific investment questions, we invite you to visit us in our Winston Salem office.