Investment Advisors

Mimosa acts as the primary portfolio manager for most of our clients. Partners, Bob Kluttz and Chuck Patton choose the mix of individual stocks and individual bonds to meet each client’s objectives. Client accounts are held in the institutional division of Charles Schwab & Company, Inc. and have lower cost arrangements than many competitors.

Portfolio Management

At the beginning of a client relationship, Mimosa meets with each client, gathers information and performs research and analysis as necessary to develop the client’s Investment Plan. The Investment Plan outlines the types of investments Mimosa will make on behalf of the client in order to meet those goals. The client’s Investment Plan is reviewed regularly. The Investment Plan will be updated from time to time when requested by the client, or when determined to be necessary or advisable by Mimosa based on updates to the client’s financial or life circumstances.

Wealth Management

While Mimosa Investments is the sole advisor for many of our clients, for some, we only manage a portion of their personal portfolios. In either case, we see ourselves as wealth management advisors that can help meet our clients’ investment goals, while helping them build a team to protect their financial security. We work closely with many different CPA firms, attorneys and insurance agencies. Our goal is to help meet your investment objectives and to help you build a team of highly skilled professionals to oversee your financial affairs.